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In 2003, being mindful of the natural environment we found ourselves in, a decision was made convert the vineyard over to organic methods of growing grapes.

In 2006 Wildstone Wines achieved full organic certification for both winegrape growing and also for the winemaking process.

The organic certification process takes a full three years to achieve and in this time no chemicals, artificial fertilizers or pesticides have been used on the property.

The philosophy behind the organic grape growing process is to allow the grapevines to flourish in their natural environment. Over time a natural ecosystem is allowed to develop. This leads to a growing cycle that is in harmony with natural processes.


Our ability to make wine on the property means that the fruit is handpicked in the early hours before the heat of the day sets in.

It is a short 100metres from the vineyard to our winemaking facility where the fruit is processed within an hour or two of being picked.

Since the fruit does not need to be transported prior to processing the intense flavour of the natural berries is captured whilst the fruit is still fresh and in pristine condition.

Being able to process our own fruit on the property also means that the end product is guaranteed to be from our own vineyards.