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About Wildstone

Wildstone Wines is situated on a picturesque 100 acre property in the heart of the Ferguson Valley in the southwest of West Australia.

The property sits high on a hill some 220 metres above sea level. The stunning views that can be seen from the vineyard extend from Cape Naturaliste to the Leschenault Estuary and beyond.

The property is bounded by National Park on two sides. As a result a rich and abundant range of wildlife is often seen on the property. Kangaroos, possums and emus are frequent visitors. Black and red tailed cockatoos, kookaburras, wedge-tailed eagles and falcons are also a part of Wildstone's eco-system. Every year the rainbow bee-eater arrives to herald the start of the picking season.

In 2000 the first plantings of Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot grapevines were made on the westerly slopes of the property that face towards the Indian Ocean. This aspect of the vineyard means that the fruit can take advantage of the late afternoon sun in order to gently ripen the fruit.

The property has a bountiful supply of pure spring water that has filtered down through the layers of ancient granite and quartz that lie beneath the property. This pristine water is used to irrigate the vines during the summer months.

In 2003, being mindful of the natural environment we found ourselves in, a decision was made convert the vineyard over to organic methods of growing grapes. In 2006 Wildstone Wines achieved full organic certification for both winegrape growing and also for the winemaking process.